Sejarah Proxsis organizations dapat dirunut ke periode 1992-1997 ketika pendiri Proxsis aktif dalam kegiatan pengembangan Entrepreneurship di Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB) melalui lembaga  yang mereka dirikan yaitu CSED (Center for Student Entrepreneurship Development).

Dilandasi oleh keinginan untuk menjadi Entrepeneur sekaligus dorongan untuk memberikan manfaat buat orang banyak maka dilahirkanlah Proxsis pada 2004, dan entitas pertama yang dilahirkan adalah Proxsis Consultant (www.proxsisgroup.com) yang berdiri di tahun 2005.


PROXSIS  grows the best talents and make a colaborate in a modern mobile working system called as; The Corporation of knowledge and ideas.  Proxsis hired only passionate people. Proxsis Consulting Group is member of Proxsis companies, focus on management consulting  and business transformation.



  • In 2016 , Proxsis Universe is introduced. Proxsis Universe show Proxsis aciticites and  missions are catagorized in 6 group of activities. Support the activities of Proxsis as The corporation of knowledges and ideas. At 2016, Proxsis also acquire 2 more strata building office at Jakarta and Surabaya.
  • In 2015, Proxsis is awarded for Indonesia best Consulting company and have more than 14 Business Unit. PROXSIS became the largest management consulting in Indonesia.
  • In 2014 – Proxsis Banking was established. And deliver Consulting for Banking core bsuienss and also  Risk Management certification for Banking professionals.
  • In 2013, Proxsis acquire and move to a strata title office at Permata Kuningan Building , Kawasan Bisnis Epicentrum Kuningan. And develop new business unit forEnvironment and Human resources solutions
  • In 2011, Proxsis built his reputation and awarded as the most known consultant for  IT Governance , meanwhile Synergy Solusi become a leader in Safety Consulting and Training  in Indonesia.
  • In 2010, Proxsis framework for Business Process had been used in Field Process Excellence Pertamina EP as part of PEP Operation Excellence  design and implementation. Our framework is applied until now at Pertamina EP as a tool for field process improvement and system integration
  • In 2010 help one of our client to get Indonesia Record (MURI) as the first company in Indonesia certified for ISO 20000 ITSM. Certificate is received by Pertamina President Director, Ibu Karen.
  • In 2009 had become the first Indonesia Consultant that help “Card Producer” certified by VISA-MASTER Card International. PT WahyuKartu had become the only VISA MASTER Approved  Card Producer in Indonesia during year 2010-2011.
  • During 2009 – 2011 the First Consultant and Main Trainer hired by Indonesia Tax Ageny – Dir TransformasiProsesBisnis, for Business Process Design and Training. Our frame work had been used for Indonesia Tax Agency and also presented in front of Finance Ministry RI and LembagaAdministrasi Negara .
  • In 2009, in partnership with some key safety players in Indonesia, Proxsis had develop new Business unit specialized in Safety, called as Indonesia Safety Center had became the main safety training and consulting in Indonesia.
  • 2009 – In his third year, Proxsis move to high rise building and acquire 2 Office at Kuningan Area. Now Proxsis have 4 office in Jakarta and Surabaya, and become the biggest Management System and Business Process Consultants in Indonesia.
  • 2007- Two year after his initiation PROXSIS Groups had open his branch office in Surabaya. Now, Proxsis Surabaya had been transformed into an independent business unit under separate Legal identity: PT ProxsisManajemenInternasional.